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‘’If I had to describe my experience with Yoga Passion Dublin in one word – UNIQUE.

 I became interested in yoga activities when I started suffering from the pain in my back a number of years ago. I had a major accident in my childhood during which my back has been seriously injured. Simona & Yoga Passion Dublin was recommended to me by a friend. Since my first class I fell in love with everything – pace during the class, brilliant instructor Simona, unique atmosphere and health benefits after each class. Instructor Simona is very knowledgeable, sets a good example and really motivates you to succeed and come back! I found my energy level increased significantly, I feel more positive, dedicated and energetic. Yoga class with Simona is such a great way to start or finish your day – it fills my mind with peace and new energy.

I have tried many other yoga classes due to recent relocation to a distant part of Dublin; I can say it strongly – experience with Simona is just INCOMPARABLE. Her attention to little details (i.e. candles, colours in the studio, blankets, pillows, etc), willingness to introduce a new element or pose into each class, excellent care to ensure correct poses of each individual, a special way to finish the class and many more attributes of Simona & Yoga Passion Dublin… It has now been a couple of months after my last class with Simona, I keep remembering my past experience with a pleasant jealousy and a wish to return back some day. I would like to express my sincere THANK YOU to Yoga Passion Dublin from the bottom of my heart for a wonderful experience and for helping me to discover my passion for yoga.’’

– Jurga Kaledaite –

‘’I have been practicing yoga with Simona for the past three years and would highly recommend both her as a teacher and Yoga Passion Dublin as a studio.  There is a great timetable of classes and no class is too big, meaning lots of individual attention.  The studio has a very relaxed, friendly atmosphere with lots of time being given to each class, there’s no rush in Yoga Passion!  A great place to start your yoga practice or pick up again from where you might have left off!’’

– Antoinette Cullen-

“I have been practicing Yoga with Simona at Yoga Passion Dublin for the past four years, and the benefits it has brought to me have been immense.  My physical strength and muscle tone have greatly improved and practice has helped my mental clarity and how I manage the stresses of life. I cannot recommend both Yoga and Simona highly enough.”

– Bernadette Jewell M.A. Complimentary Medicine Consultant –

‘’I do a lot of training but the one thing missing was flexibility. I decided to do yoga at Yoga Passion Dublin studio. I loved my first class and noticed after a few sessions a big change in my flexibility and my core strength. Thank u Simona for your lovely enjoyable yoga classes and the encouragement through out.’’

 – Sharon Hogan –