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Yoga Passion Dublin | Class Description - Pregnancy Yoga for Beginners

Our Classes

Beginners Yoga

Class is for individuals without prior yoga experience or beginners who would like a detailed refresher class. Beginners Yoga is suitable for all ages and fitness. Students will learn the basic elements of yoga practice—breath, movement, and attention. The use of simple but powerful postures teaches how to begin a yoga practice, as well as how to most effectively use the body in daily life. This class builds students confidence and prepares them for our more experienced level classes. Suitable for all levels.

Yoga 1

A great class for all who are looking for gentle yoga practice or those who are out of practice. You still get great benefits of yoga and will learn new, more challenging poses. Previous yoga experience is recommended.

Yoga 1-2

This class is for students who are looking for a more intermediate class with a wider variety of poses and strength building opportunities. Still based on the more traditional approach, this class will give great benefits for student with previous yoga experience. Previous yoga experience is recommended.

Core Yoga 

Is a specifically designed class made up of yoga poses that focus on all areas of core strength, mobility and flexibility. This class will improve strength and flexibility in your core area and pelvic floor area making you feel considerably stronger and fitter from the inside out. Previous yoga experience is recommended.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga uses a series of easy, supported poses held for a long time under the right conditions (including the use of many props) to tip the balance from “fight or flight” mode into maximum relaxation. Yogis developed these poses over many years, but science tells us that, under the conditions set in restorative yoga, immediate effects on heart rate, blood pressure and brain activity are possible. Emphasis on complete muscular relaxation and comfort are emphasized to achieve a quiet state of mind and body. New study finds, that people who practice restorative yoga can lose significant amount of weight due to reduced stress hormone (cortisol).  Suitable for all levels.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is great way to stay in shape during pregnancy, once you enter second trimester you can continue the practice till the birth of your baby. Prenatal yoga exercises and breathing practice are designed to:
Help strengthen the pelvic muscles – instrumental in the birthing process, and post-birth to bring your body back to a pre-pregnancy state.
Help strengthen the uterus so that it functions more efficiently and increases the potential for a normal delivery.
Strengthen the spine and help reduce backaches.
Learn how to use breathing practice during labour.
Aid in proper digestion and circulation, and regulate breathing. Suitable for all levels.

Morning Yoga Flow

Morning yoga class is suitable for all levels yoga students & beginners. Clear instruction is given in breathing technique, warm-up and posture flow.  New students will develop body awareness, posture alignment and core strength in basic poses, while experienced students are encouraged to explore advanced variations in familiar postures.  Everyone works to his or her own ability and comfort level. Suitable for all levels.

One on One Yoga

Tailored to your specific needs. This 75 minute session allows you to work privately with a yoga teacher to create a practice that makes sense for your body and your level of experience. While all yoga supports you physically, emotionally, and spiritually, private yoga lets you work on what makes sense for you-at your own pace. There are several reasons why you should add private sessions to your weekly practice. They’re helpful if:

  • You’re a beginner and you want to get started in yoga without being overwhelmed or intimidated.
  • You want to go to the next level in your practice or work more in-depth.
  • You have injuries (back, knee, and shoulder) or health concerns (women’s issues, stress, arthritis, chronic headaches, insomnia).
  • You want to work toward a specific physical goal such as increased flexibility, balance, or strength; target problem areas like tight hips or hamstrings or weak knees, or increase your mental focus in a particular sport or activity.
  • You want to add yoga to your weight-loss or strength-training program.
  • You want to learn more about yourself-gaining awareness without judgment.

Corporate Yoga

We offer corporate yoga classes to businesses and organisations in Dublin. Classes available in morning, lunchtime or evening at affordable rates. All necessary equipment’s will be provided, yoga studio will come to your place at your convenience. Please contact studio for prices.

Anti Aging Face Yoga

What is Anti Aging Face Yoga?

It is a natural way of looking and feeling younger and healthier with an added sense of relaxation and well being. It is a combination of face exercises, face massage, face acupressure and face relaxation. It also focuses on well being techniques for the mind, body and soul.  Class include 10 Minute Upper Face Workout and a 10 Minute Lower Face Workout, we also uses the most effective traditional techniques and the latest research to give safe, natural anti-ageing results. It combines the best of Face Yoga, massage, acupressure and face exercise.

How does Anti Aging Face Yoga works?

Face Exercise: just as your body needs regular exercise to stay toned and firm, the 57 muscles in the face and neck also need to be exercised. As they become stronger through exercise they are lifted and firmed and the skin attached to the muscles is also lifted and tautened, therefore reducing lines and wrinkles. As the muscles are much smaller than those in the body, it takes a lot less time for them to increase in strength and tone.
Face Massage: by regularly massaging the face using this techniques you will increase the circulation, lymph flow and remove toxins. This will reduce poor skin tone, puffiness and dark circles and allow the skin to look healthier and more youthful. The massage techniques will also increase the collagen and elastin, the natural plumping agents which will mean a firmer and healthier complexion.
Acupressure: this age-old technique works by pressing on certain points on the face. This can increase the flow of the subtle energy or prana in the face. This therefore reduces tension, increases circulation and gives a healthy glow to the skin.
Relaxation: by learning to relax tension in the face  will help to reduce and prevent the deep sets lines and wrinkles caused by stress, squinting or grimacing. Anti Aging Face Yoga allows you to relax the face correctly giving it a more open, youthful look.

Who should practice Anti Aging Face Yoga?

Face Yoga is for everyone. Men and women, young and old. Face Yoga is very useful if you want to reduce signs of ageing and tension. Whether you are starting to see the first signs of ageing or if you have deep set lines and wrinkles, the exercises and techniques will be beneficial for you. It is never too late to start improving the health of your face. The Anti Aging Face Yoga is also a preventative measure. The earlier you start the exercises the less likely you are to see signs of ageing and tension in the face. Remember as well as using Face Yoga as an anti ageing tool, you can also use it through times of stress to reduce those tell-tale signs that can show on your face.

How does Face Yoga effects the skin?

All the exercises in Anti Aging Face Yoga work the hypodermis or the lower layer of the skin (the muscles and fatty tissue), the dermis or the middle layer (the connective tissue) and the epidermis or the upper layer (the cells). By working all these layers correctly it will increase the blood circulation, allowing more oxygen and more nourishment to reach the cells of the skin (upper layer). The result is a clear, healthy complexion with a beautiful glow which has
less toxins and has a better ability to absorb moisture. The massage techniques in Anti Aging Face Yoga class are designed to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the middle layer of the skin giving you a smoother, more supple, tighter-looking skin.